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Nike Grind Materials

Great design starts with the fundamentals. High-performance Nike Grind materials provide a premium foundation to build upon.

Chemistry beaker.

Chemistry Standards

Nike Grind materials from unused manufacturing scrap are designed to meet Nike’s Restricted Substances List standards.

Leed logo.

Leed Certification

Nike Grind materials can provide points toward LEED certification for environmentally conscious projects.

Where do Nike Grind Materials Come From?

Scraps of material.

Manufacturing Scrap

Rolls of unused materials.

Unused Materials

Shirt and shoe going into a bin.

End-of-Life Shoes

Nike Grind materials are largely composed of post-industrial manufacturing scrap, but also include used and defective shoes.

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Materials Matter

Circular design, where products are designed with the end in mind, requires thoughtful consideration at every step of the product lifecycle. And it begins with choosing the right materials as a foundation.