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Nike Grind Materials

Fill out the form below for information on Nike Grind materials. You may also reference the Nike Grind Materials Guide for additional information on Nike Grind materials and their applications, characteristics, properties, sizing and more.

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Becoming a Nike Grind Partner

If you are a business leader, product designer or engineer interested in using Nike Grind materials in a large-scale consumer product or other application, we want to hear about it. Fill out the form below to start the conversation.

What materials are you interested in?

Existing Nike Grind Partners & Products

Our trusted partners source and integrate premium Nike Grind materials into their own products. Nike does not manufacture these products. For more information on a specific product or surface, please contact the Nike Grind partner directly or visit the links below.


Nike Grind Partners  Products Made with Nike Grind

Questions about donations & grants

Although the Nike Grind program does not offer financial assistance, grants or surface donations, Nike’s Global Community Impact team provides grants and product donations to schools and community centers. Please visit our Nike Community Impact page to learn more about how we give and what opportunities might be available to you.

It is important to note that Nike does not manufacture or install the products or surfaces featured on the Nike Grind site. Rather, we partner with companies that use the raw Nike Grind materials to manufacture their own products, so they are responsible for determining their donation priorities. We recommend contacting a partner directly if you’re interested in a specific product or surface.

Interested in running a shoe drive to offset the cost of a new sports surface or product made with Nike Grind?

Shoe donations do not offset the cost of our partners’ products. Please contact a partner if you are interested in surface donation information.


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Media Inquiries

For Nike Grind news releases, photos, logos and other media requests, fill out the form below.

Questions & Comments for Nike

Have questions about Nike products and orders, general comments, or feedback for Nike? Although Nike Grind does not handle these types of requests, the Nike support team will gladly help you.

Contact Nike support to get the assistance that you need.

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Other Questions

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