How It’s Made

Exactly how do your old kicks—and our manufacturing waste—get turned into Nike Grind? It depends on which of our facilities processes them.

Memphis, Tennessee

“slice-and-grind” technique

Our Memphis center uses a “slice-and-grind” technique, where each shoe is cut into three slices—rubber outsole, foam midsole and fiber upper. These slices are then fed through grinders and refined for use.

Meerhout, Belgium

Our Belgium facility, which opened in 2005, grinds shoes up whole, then passes the material through a series of complex separators.

Waste Management and Recycling Centers in Asia

Our largest manufacturing partners in Asia separate materials to turn pre-consumer waste into sports courts and other products.

Performance Separation

No matter how your shoes and our manufacturing waste are processed, the end result is the same—three high-quality Nike Grind materials ready to be put back in the game:

Nike Grind Rubber

Nike Grind Rubber

It’s made from the shoe’s outsole, and is used in track surfaces, interlocking gym flooring tiles and playground surfacing.

Nike Grind Foam

Nike Grind Foam

It’s made from the shoe’s midsole, and is used as a cushion for outdoor basketball and tennis courts and fields.

Nike Grind Fiber

Nike Grind Fiber

It’s made from the shoe’s fabric upper, and is used for athletic-surface padding and equestrian surfacing material.