Superior Choice for Surfaces

  • Architects

    Recycled and post-manufactured materials to fit your aesthetic vision.

  • Athletic Directors

    Sustainable materials that maximize gameplay mechanics and playability.

  • Parks & Recreational

    Durable and affordable materials that enhance environmental commitments.

Closing the Loop

How It’s Made

Nike is constantly striving for the best, creating value for business and innovating for a better world. Nike’s vision is that our products will be “closed loop”—that is, they will use the fewest possible materials and be assembled in ways that allow them to be readily recycled into new products. Our long term vision is to create a continuous loop without waste. As a company, we are innovating materials and manufacturing processes as we work towards finding a solution to this complex issue. Examples of how this comes to life are our Reuse-A-Shoe and Nike Grind programs. Whether it’s a worn-out shoe that’s sliced and refined or repurposed manufacturing scrap, the end results are the same. Sustainable, long-lasting materials designed for professional level performance.

Nike Grind Partners

These innovative companies currently work with Nike to develop materials with Nike Grind.

  • AstroTurf has worked to solve the biggest challenges of of turf fields, namely weather wear and tear. As the inventors and innovators of synthetic turf, AstroTurf continually evolves its turf systems that stand the test of time.

  • Connor Sports provides resilient hardwood athletic flooring produced in an ISO 14001 and Zero Waste Manufacturing facility for the comfort of athletes in projects ranging from Boys and Girls Clubs to the NBA.

  • Ecore believes a surface can raise the bar, break through barriers and stop at nothing to help an athlete achieve their goals. Ecore offers industry leading, innovative surface technology that optimizes an athlete's performance, taking them from ordinary to unstoppable.

  • Future Foam has been around for 50 years, using the latest methods and state-of-the-art equipment to create high-quality foam products. StepAhead, its premium carpet underlay, is the only carpet cushion using Nike Grind.

  • Mondo is the global leader in the sports flooring markets, manufacturing flooring surfaces for virtually every application. More than 1,100 Mondo tracks and millions of square feet of the company’s high-performance athletic surfaces are installed worldwide.

  • Playtop has been creating safer surfaces for children’s play areas for more than 30 years. Today, their impact-absorbing poured-in-place safety surfacing uses Nike Grind in playgrounds around the world.