Striving For Better Performance

Waffle-iron track spikes. Air Jordans. Nike Shox. Innovation has been at the heart of Nike’s philosophy since the start. It’s what has allowed us to create iconic, game-changing products – time and again. But today, Nike innovation is about more than product performance. It’s about focusing our corporate responsibility efforts in the areas which we can have the greatest impact and create the most value, including the materials we design into our products and through the process of making those materials and products.

Innovation For a Better World

Nike Grind works with Nike Better World—a companywide ethos built around designing the best products while using the most sustainable methods possible.

It all comes back to our vision of a closed-loop business—where waste at different stages of our operations, from product manufacturing to transportation and products at the end of their life, can be recycled and reused—oftentimes back into new Nike products.

Nike’s Corporate Responsibility Reports provide more information about our sustainability impacts, strategy and performance. View our latest Corporate Responsibility Report.