Tennessee Tech University’s weight room goes for the gold with Everlast UtraTile flooring featuring Nike Grind.

Gym/Weight Room Flooring

“When doing Olympic-style lifting, UltraTile helps the absorption of the impact of the weight when it touches the surfaces, and helps not only impact support, but reduces noise as well.” —Shane Hensley, Regional Sales Manager for Legend Fitness

Tennessee Tech University installed 10,000 square-feet of Everlast UltraTile flooring in its new weight room. With students engaging in Olympic-style training, the school required flooring that could support and withstand a beating of more than 200 pounds.

They selected Everlast Flooring based on quality, performance, pricing, and warranty, said Shane Hensley, Regional Sales Manager for Legend Fitness.

Everlast UltraTile is manufactured by ECORE. The flooring contains Nike Grind, an environmentally friendly, premium-grade raw material made from recycled athletic shoes and Nike surplus manufacturing materials. The esthetics of the flooring can also be customized with different colors and designs.

To create the Everlast UltraTiles, the Nike Grind material was processed and refined using special Nike developed technology, and then blended with premium recycled tire rubber. The result was a high-quality rubber flooring with superior noise cancelation and shock absorption. It can withstand constant abuse without showing any wear and tear—making it the perfect choice for Tennessee Tech University’s new weight room floor.