Sole Revolution Helps Bring Year-Round Soccer to the Garden State

Synthetic Turf Infill

“The Nike Grind fill for our new turf field has been a big hit with our Academy players. Given the choice of our three turf venues, the players have consistently selected to play on the Nike Grind surface. They have alluded to the overall consistency and playability as well as the significantly lower field temperatures. Suffice to say that the coaches support their choice and look forward to the long term benefits to our club.” —Gerry McKeown, PDA Boys Director of Coaching

With 38 teams composed of hundreds of players ranging in age from 8 to 22, the Players Development Academy (PDA), a Nike Premier Club based in Zarephath, New Jersey. is one of the largest, most successful soccer development academies in the country. Already an elite facility, PDA decided in the summer of 2011 to have a pair of durable, low maintenance fields installed by market leader FieldTurf using Sole Revolution infill to allow for extended play during New Jersey’s wet summers and frosty winters. PDA selected Prestige, FieldTurf’s technologically advanced monofilament fiber concept that delivers all the grass-like characteristics with—among many benefits—the advantage of shock absorption for reduced player injury.

Sole Revolution is unique to the synthetic field industry because it utilizes Nike Grind—250,000 pounds of it, in this case—to create a truly sustainable solution. Sole Revolution infill is not just green however—it is high-performance, long-lasting, non-marking and odorless, and is compatible with virtually any infill-based system. And because it’s made from Nike’s footwear manufacturing surplus, Sole Revolution meets stringent consumer product design standards for substances such as heavy metals, PAHs and phthalates. In fact, the majority of Sole Revolution infill is comprised of Nike’s Environmentally Preferred Rubber, a formulation designed and optimized over the last decade to replace the least desirable compounds often found in other rubbers.

Another advantage of using Nike Grind, and one that is often overlooked, is color. Because it’s made from ground-up athletic shoe rubber, Sole Revolution’s lighter, mixed color profile lowers heat build-up by up to 15–20 percent, giving PDA soccer players much cooler fields in the grueling heat of the summer—an important safety precaution for effective year-round training. For the two fields in New Jersey, the Players Development Academy chose an infill containing vibrant colors which will serve as a constant reminder of their environmental and performance benefits.