America’s First Playtop Street Surface

Playground & Safety Surfaces

“Outdoor recreation and sustainability are two of Ogden’s core competencies, and we’re really excited to partner with Playtop for a great, engaging playground that supports what our community is really passionate about.” —Matthew Godfrey, Mayor of Ogden, Utah

This summer, thousands of youth athletes from the United States and Canada competed in HERSHEY’S Track and Field Games—and to celebrate its more than 30 years of grassroots success, HERSHEY’S gave back to the community in a big way. For its continued dedication to youth athletics and 12-percent increase in local meet participation, HERSHEY’S awarded Ogden, UT with North America’s first Playtop Street playground—Playtop’s most unique outdoor play surface to date.

Ideal for schools, community parks and sports facilities thanks to its space-saving 35.5 foot by 19.7 foot oval design, Playtop Street seamlessly blends the renowned safety of Playtop’s wet-pour rubber surfacing with a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience. Controlled by twelve interactive satellites—each with its own battery, solar or wind-powered processor—that light up and produce a series of sounds when touched, kids of all ages can enjoy the five games that are designed to become more challenging as play continues.

Playtop Street’s wet-pour surfacing contains up to 92-percent recycled materials, including Nike Grind—a high-performance material made from Nike footwear manufacturing surplus and recycled athletic shoes. Once hardened, the rubberized surface requires little upkeep due to its resistance to weather, abrasion, slipping, indentation and ignition, and exceeds US and European standards for maximum permitted fall height.