Synthetic Turf, Real Performance for Lincoln High School

Synthetic Turf Infill

Using Sole Revolution with Nike Grind, Lincoln High School put 120 tons of premium-grade recycled rubber back on the field, instead of in the landfill.

After heavy use from Lincoln High School football players, the synthetic turf field shared by several schools and the surrounding community in downtown Portland was in decline, becoming unsafe for players.

The Portland school district selected to resurface the field with AstroTurf GameDay Grass, a high-quality monofilament synthetic turf product. And in it they chose to use 100-percent Sole Revolution with Nike Grind infill.

Sole Revolution is unique to the synthetic field industry because it utilizes Nike Grind rubber—250,000 pounds of it, in this case—to create a truly sustainable solution. Sole Revolution infill is not just green, however—it is high-performance, long-lasting, non-marking and odorless, and compatible with virtually any infill-based system. And because it’s made from Nike’s footwear manufacturing surplus, Sole Revolution meets stringent consumer product design standards for substances such as heavy metals, PAHs and phthalates. In fact, the majority of Sole Revolution infill is comprised of Nike’s Environmentally Preferred Rubber, a formulation designed and optimized over the last decade to replace the least desirable compounds often found in other rubbers.

Color is another benefit of Sole Revolution. Made from ground-up athletic shoe rubber, Sole Revolution can be steered toward a lighter color profile which has been shown in laboratory trials to lower surface heat build-up by up to 10–15 percent, giving Lincoln High School football players much cooler fields in the heat of the summer.

Last but not least, by using Nike Grind, Lincoln High School played their part in putting 120 tons of premium-grade recycled rubber to good use—keeping it out of landfill or incineration.