D1 Sports Training Facility raises the bar and installs Everlast Fitness Flooring featuring Nike Grind.

Gym/Weight Room Flooring

When it comes to the best athletic training facilities in the United States, the popular choice by athletes is D1 Sports Training Facility.

When I graduated college, I went all over the country looking for training facilities. I found a lot of places, but I didn’t find anything better that D1.—Tim Tebow, former NFL quarterback and NCAA Heisman Trophy winner.

The D1 facility in Knoxville, Tennessee—which is co-owned by Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning—understood the importance of having the proper flooring to support its athletes. That’s why D1 decided to install Everlast Fitness Flooring.

What makes Everlast Fitness Flooring so unique is how it’s made. Manufactured by ECORE, this world-class flooring takes a premium raw material called Nike Grind and blends it with superior recycled tire rubbers. Nike Grind consists of ground down recycled athletic shoes and Nike surplus manufacturing materials.

When the process is complete, the result is an environmentally friendly rubber flooring that can withstand constant abuse without showing any signs of wear and tear. The floor’s design can be customized with different colors and patterns, and its superior shock absorption and noise cancelation qualities make it ideal for D1’s athletes.