Nike Grind Brings 100-Percent Sole to Concordia University

Synthetic Turf Infill

“We wanted to be the first college to have a 100-percent Nike Grind field and we achieved that. The field is aesthetically pleasing, environmentally preferred and receives an overwhelming thumbs up from Concordia athletes—they love it.” —Matt English, Athletic Director for Concordia University

Concordia University in Portland, Oregon now has the first collegiate field containing 100-percent Sole Revolution with Nike Grind synthetic turf infill. More than 190 tons of the material makes up the facility’s Hilken Community Stadium, a premier 140,800-square-foot surface serving the university’s soccer and baseball athletes.

The surface, sporting Concordia’s navy and white school colors and Nike’s signature swoosh, is universally praised by student athletes for its grass-like appearance and natural feel, allowing for true ball bounce and predictable play.

The flat surface is quick and allows us to compete in the rain without slipping, making it easier to perform on than grass, said Tanner French, center back for the Concordia University men’s soccer team. It feels real, runs real and it’s the best place to play in Portland.

Sole Revolution with Nike Grind, made predominantly from Nike’s Environmentally Preferred Rubber left over from making Nike shoes (about 6 million pairs worth, in this case), provides a high quality and safe surface for athletic excellence. In fact, the high performance rubber once destined for the shoes on the athlete can now be found in the surface on which he or she plays.

In direct summer heat, athletes are also likely to benefit from Sole Revolution’s heat reflective properties, as lab tests show it generates up to 20-percent less heat than other darker infill products.

Environmentally preferred and athlete approved–the Nike Grind difference at Concordia University is in full swing.