1. 2012

    Bringing Sole to College

    Concordia University in Portland, OR constructs the first collegiate field containing 100-Nike Grind synthetic turf infill in Hilken Community Stadium.

  2. 2011

    Step Ahead with Nike Grind

    StepAhead carpet cushion with Nike Grind launches exclusively at The Home Depot, bringing sustainable performance cushioning to the home.

  3. 2010

    Nike Grind processing in the US moves from Wilsonville, OR to Memphis, TN, providing increased recycling capacity and simplified shipping from major East Coast population centers.

  4. 2009

    100-Percent Nike Grind

    Julia Reimann Field, the first turf field made up of 100-percent Nike Grind infill, is unveiled in Portland, OR.

  5. 2008

    Expanding Nationwide

    Nike places Reuse-A-Shoe bins in all of its US retail stores—more than 150 locations—dramatically increasing the number of shoes recycled.

  6. 2006

    Going International

    A new Reuse-A-Shoe facility in Belgium recycles its first pair of shoes, opening the door for European recycling efforts.

  7. 2004

    Creating Synthetic Turf

    Donated by Nike and the US Soccer Foundation, Douglas Park Field becomes the first synthetic turf surface.

  8. 2002

    90 Surfaces for Nike’s 30th

    To celebrate Nike’s 30th anniversary, Nike donates nearly 90 Nike Grind surfaces to parks across Portland, Oregon.

  9. 2000

    Nike Grind Goes for Gold

    Nike Grind partner Rebound Ace’s court is used at the XXVII Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia—the first of many major sporting events to use a Nike Grind surface.

  10. 1998

    1 Year, 3 Million Pairs

    We process more than 3 million pairs of shoes in one year—setting a Nike Grind processing record.

  11. 1990

    Reuse-A-Shoe is Born

    Nike starts wondering how it can recycle shoes, and an employee coins the name Reuse-A-Shoe. Soon after, Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman even throws his support behind the project.